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Infinity Lab Unlocks Limitless Possibilities For Your Kids

Computer science is vital for foundational education and career development.

Computer science is the field of the future!

Start your student out in the right direction – give them the tools to learn computer science with the latest technology.

Immersive and Engaging

Kids Learn Best With Games

With Infinity Lab, kids learn to code by playing games within VR!

Infinity Lab makes computer science concepts come alive with hands-on, immersive VR educational games.

It’s education, disguised as entertainment.

Give your kids the gift of a future with infinite possibility!

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Computer science is the fourth literacy and considered vital for foundational education and workforce development.

VR can attract and inspire better than prior technology and provide superior learning outcomes.

vCoder teaches computer science within VR – a virtual, mobile, all-inclusive computer science lab!

Infinity Lab teach coding fundamentals and transferable skills that are directly compatibility all programming languages (including popular languages like JavaScript, Python, C# and more).

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Easy, Self-Guided Learning System

Our team of educators and researchers especially tailor the VR content and supplies to entertain as well as educate.

Your kids will discover a passion and intellectual curiosity for STEM and Computer Science with our monthly subscription kits.

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VR Headset Included

No VR headset? No problem – we have you covered with everything you need to start your student coding within VR!

Implementing Leading Technologies

Built using the latest technologies.

VR & Computer Science is the Perfect Match

Focused Students

Krokos, Plaisant, & Varshney, 2018

Compared to computer screens, the immersive “presence” of VR allows better focus, resulting in higher recall and improved learning outcomes. (Krokos, Plaisant, & Varshney, 2018).

Positive Emotions, Better Performance

Allcoat & von Muhlenen, 2018

Students using VR had improved learning, knowledge acquisition, and understanding compared to video instruction, and VR education resulted in better performance for remembering and positive emotions than video or traditional learning.

Effective Learning With Games

Merchant et al., 2013
VR games, virtual worlds, and simulations were effective in improving learning outcomes; with games demonstrating the highest learning outcomes.

Better, Faster Learning

Daydreams Labs: Teaching Skills in VR, 2017

Students who received VR training learned faster and better than those who were shown video tutorials.

Superior Recall

Krokos, Plaisant, & Varshney, 2018
Immersive technology provided superior recall compared to learning on desktop.

Unlocks Students′ Potential

Bluefocus, 2016
VR-based teaching improves students’ test scores, improves knowledge retention and unlocks students’ potentials.